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What is the Connoisseur Virtual Theatre Pipe Organ Series?

What applications does the Connoisseur Virtual Theatre Pipe Organ Series have?

The Sampling, Engineering and Design of our Virtual Theatre Pipe Organs.

Superb Tremulant Modeling

User Regulation


The Connoisseur Virtual Theatre Pipe Organ Series is an expandable series of high resolution sample sets engineered and developed expressly for the exciting Hauptwerk 2 software for the PC & MAC platforms.

Created by Crumhorn Labs U.K., Hauptwerk 2 is an organ specific sampler software application with programming parameters that synergistically combine to create and deliver in a virtual domain, the musical illusion, performance and idiosyncrasies that form part of the real theatre pipe organ experience.

Hauptwerk creates an open and complete solution combining the platform for organ design (such as Connoisseur Virtual Theatre Pipe Organ Series) and sound engine in one elegant cost effective software solution.

Each package in the series represents a Virtual Theatre Pipe Organ complete within and of itself.  However, it does not stop there………each instrument is expandable by subsequent expansion packages.

Our series commence at 3 manuals and 11 ranks and is expanded in three successive packages of 19, 27 and 36 ranks plus ancillary traps, percussions, effects and features.  The customer’s hardware, audio, personal computer, and budgetary factors can influence the size of the Virtual Theatre Organ’s size and specification. Hence we felt it prudent to design an expandable range of Virtual Theatre Organ products that can be seamlessly and easily expanded in conjunction with the updating and ‘upsizing’ of these factors. Please refer to our PC and Mac system requirement tables in the relevant product links. 

Accompanying each Virtual Organ in the series, in addition to the library of digital samples, is a specifically designed and engineered Virtual Organ Definition File and a General User Interface of ‘The console.’ This Virtual Console includes a unique and state-of-the-art specification of stops (which caters for both traditional and modern playing paradigms), manuals, piston combination action; and swell pedals – all visibly displayed on the customer’s personal computer monitor.  Touch screens are supported and provide an ideal cost effective alternative to hardware stop boxes and stop rails, thereby bringing a Virtual Theatre Pipe Organ into homes with even the most modest of instruments with MIDI capability.

Programmed into the Organ’s Definition Files are the parameters which comprise Winding systems, tremulant model, swell enclosure architecture, swell (expression) curves, the relay (connecting circuitry) and many more. These parameters are appropriately programmed and represented in a virtual form, directly influencing the randomness and finer nuances of the organ performance.

Click the thumbnails below to view the different possible setups:

Simple Single MIDI Keyboard Solution using Touch Screen as Virtual Stop Rails.

Two Keyboard & Pedal MIDI Solution using Touch Screen as Virtual Stop Rails

Retro Fit Out of WurliTzer Console with MIDI
Encoder using Touch Screen as monitor
and virtual ancillary stop rail to hardware stop rail and mapped to a multi channel audio system.

What applications does the Connoisseur Virtual Theatre Pipe Organ Series have? 

Virtual Theatre Pipe Organs offer many versatile solutions from retro-fit of theatre organ scale consoles through to digital augmentation of existing theatre pipe organ instruments, electronic organs and D.I.Y Digital Theatre Organ Construction projects…….whatever your imagination may conjure up!

While Hauptwerk and our Sample Sets offer outstanding instruments from a virtual representation and reproduction standpoint, a host or controller and audio system are required.  Keymedia can advise the customer on the optimum choice of these elements.

By special arrangement, we can even sample your favorite ranks and incorporate them in any one of the sample sets on offer.

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The Sampling, Engineering and Design of our Virtual Theatre Pipe Organs.

The complexity, integrity and sophistication of the Hauptwerk platform has unlike any other digitally replicated Theatre Pipe Organ or Soft Sampler application allowed for virtual modeling, sample reproduction and performance to an unparalleled degree of detail, precision and realism .

Sample libraries of considerable size on the Hauptwerk platform can now be accommodated due to current modern and advancement in personal computer design and RAM capability. All samples within our instruments are prepared and cached to RAM.

What makes a fine organ is the quality of the ranks and instruments which it comprises.  We have sought the finest ranks from various manufacturers and our sampling techniques using high end equipment at 24bit, 96 KHz, ensure our customers have the flexibility to possess a Virtual Theatre Pipe Organ in any acoustical settings from studio to theatre. Naturally occurring nuances of the start, sustain and release transients of each sampled pipe, percussion and novelty effects have been faithfully captured.

In our commitment to an utmost realistic outcome, a sample and tremulant waveform set is provided for every note for every rank.  Sample stretching has been avoided.  The length of each sample is 3 – 8 seconds in length thus capturing the natural dithering behavior of each and every pipe. 

Click to enlarge
A typical multi second sample depicting programmed multiple loops and the pipe’s release transient.

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Superb Tremulant Modeling

Every pipe in our virtual instruments has been sampled off and on tremulant.  As theatre Pipe Organ Tremulants are not linear nor is one waveform shape constant over the entire compass of a rank, a set of tremulant waveforms (3) for each note is software generated by comparing the amplitude and frequency (1st & 3rd and greater harmonic) differences between the tremmed and non-tremmed samples.  This yields an exact and in phase replication of the original tremulant musical outcome and dynamic.  Complementing the ‘total illusion’ optional tremulant mechanical noise can be selected by the customer.

Non Linearity of Theatre Pipe Organ Tremulant replicated in the Hauptwerk Tremulant Model
Click thumbnails to enlarge:

Tremulant 3rd Harmonic & Greater Amplitude Waveform

Tremulant Frequency Waveform & 1st Harmonic Amplitude Waveform.

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User Regulation

The ranks supplied in each sample set within the Connoisseur Virtual Theatre Pipe Organ Series have been painstakingly regulated and voiced by our artistic directors over hundreds of hours. But let that not stop you!  Note for note regulation and adjustment of various tremulant parameters can be custom tailored using the on board Voicing Palette available within Hauptwerk 2. Additionally, within the Voicing Palette, note for note voicing, regulation, scaling and the establishment of power curves can be user configured.

Comprehensive Note for Note Voicing & Regulation Palette.

Note for Note Tremulant Adjustment Parameters

Comments relate to the Concert Edition of HW (multi-channel audio, voicing, wind supply model not available in the Studio Edition, and polyphony restricted to 1024 simultaneous pipes in SE).


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