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The following MP3 demos were all recorded live using a stereo microphone configuration. The listening area is that of an average size living room giving the listener an intimate audience with the high quality of the sample sets. See below for recording & room details.

Hauptwerk 2 was configured to play back through a multi channel audio setup where the various ranks, compasses thereof, percussions and FX were directed to the various speaker complements. The organ was then voiced * according to the room and audio compliment.

However our final products have been voiced and mastered for a basic stereo setup. This will provide a voicing benchmark on which the customer can tailor the voicing, regulation and set audio assignment depending on their listening area, personal taste and audio set up.

Our series has been designed as an open platform providing expandable specifications that can be accommodated from a basic stereo to a multi channel setup commensurate to the size of influencing factors. These influences can include Console, Listening Space, Audio Complement (size & type), Placement of speakers and many other factors in the audio chain that directly influences the outcome.

* The Note for Note Voicing and Tremulant adjustment are only available in the Concert Edition of Hauptwerk 2. This edition is a prerequisite for further voicing.


“My Heart Belongs To Daddy” Cole Porter (Organist Neil Jensen)

“Love for Sale” Cole Porter (Organist John Giacchi)

“Cry Me A River” (Organist Neil Jensen)

“Here’s That Rainy Day” Jimmy Van Huesen (Organist Neil Jensen)


“Nimrod” Edward Elgar (Organist John Giacchi)

“On A Spring Note” Sydney Torch (Organist John Giacchi)

“Change Partners” Irving Berlin (Organist Neil Jensen)


"Victory At Sea" Richard Rodgers (Organist John Giacchi)

"Bad and the Beautiful" David Raksin (Organist John Giacchi)

"That's Entertainment" Arthur Schwartz (Organist John Giacchi)


Powder Your Face With Sunshine (Organist Chris McPhee)

Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime (Organist Chris McPhee)

Java (Organist Chris McPhee)

Bird Songs At Eventide (Organist Chris McPhee)

She Didn't Say Yes (Organist Chris McPhee)

Audio setup:
20 Channels from a Motu 24io.
C/C# cycled L/R, octaves Cycled.
29ft long x 18ft wide x 8.5ft high. = 4,100cubic feet volume.
Room acoustics: Dead to medium
Damping: low to medium
Recording specs:
Microphones: 2x Red 5 in Omni mode.
Microphone Preamps: M-Audio Firewire410
Post Processing: Stereo Convolution reverb applied.


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